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Breakout Sessions

Listed below are the descriptions for each Breakout Session offered.

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Keynote Session Notes

Breakout #1

Basics of Biblical Counseling (P1)

Dr. Andrew Rogers, Pastor, ACBC Fellow, Executive Director OIC

This session is designed to help beginning counselors understand the basics of biblical counseling, including the following basic concepts: The Need for Biblical Counseling, The Definition and Goal of Biblical Counseling, and Progressive Sanctification.

Counseling the Anxious

Involving Parents in Counseling Children

Pastor Josh Loy

Pastor Alex Croutworst,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Anxiety exists on a spectrum from worry to panic disorders.  It's also one of the fastest growing categories of diagnosis in counseling contexts.  In this session, Joshua Loy will talk about how God uniquely speaks to this struggle and will consider practical solutions for working with anxious people.
Parents need to be actively involved in the counseling process with their kids. The session will look at why this approach is biblical and practical ways to do it.

Helping Counselees Develop a Right View of God

Pam Bauer, ACBC Certified Counselor, MABC

A key aspect of counseling is to orient the counselee's heart to God in the midst of their circumstances. This session will concentrate on helping your counselee to have a high and holy view of God, who sees them, hears them, and helps them. God is the source of hope.

Breakout #2

Basics of Biblical Counseling (P2)

Dr. Andrew Rogers, Pastor, ACBC Fellow, Executive Director OIC

This session is designed to help beginning counselors understand the basics of biblical counseling, including the following basic concepts: The Process of Biblical Change, Qualifications of a Biblical Counselor, and Getting to Heart Issues.

Five Keys to Effective Marriage and Family Counseling

Dr. Bob Kellemen

How equipped are you to do biblical marriage and family counseling? Ask most biblical counselors that question and they’ll honestly respond, “Not all that prepared...” Many of us were trained in the theology and methodology of individual biblical counseling. But most of us were trained only in the theology of marriage and family counseling—without being trained in the “how to” of biblical marriage and family counseling. What do you do with the troubled couple and the angry family sitting in front of you? How is marriage and family counseling different from individual counseling? Learn keys to the effective practice of marriage and family counseling in How Marriage and Family Counseling Are Different from Individual Counseling.

The Heart of Worship in Counseling

Pastor Koby Orr,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Worship influences heart change. Regardless of the location on the map or the cultures contained therein, music/singing/worship is found. Understanding that worship is part of the DNA of humanity, worship needs to be part of any counseling agenda. This class is designed to provide you with Scriptural support and practical concepts  to incorporate worship in the counseling process.

Counseling LGBTQ+ Teens

Pastor Jon Walker

What does the counselor need to know in order to counsel LGBTQ+ teens with clarity, compassion and hope? What influences will they have to take into account that are unique to the world of a teen? What pitfalls should they avoid? What should they be prepared for in an issue that is likely only going to see continual increase in the coming years?

Renewing the Mind and Why it Matters


Nancy Williams,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Since the fall, our desire for self-will, self-glory, self-gratification, self-righteousness and self-sufficiency has wreaked havoc on our hearts and minds. That is why we are called to renew our minds. This session will consider five  practical steps to help you renew your mind.






Breakout #3

Data Gathering (a foundational teaching)

Cal Bauer, ACBC Certified Counselor

Proverbs 18:13 states, “If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame.” One of the most important goals for the first few sessions of counseling is gathering as much information about the counselee as possible so as to give the wisest counsel as possible. This session will help establish the biblical precedent for data gathering, as well provide practical suggestions.

The Secret to True Forgiveness

Pastor Craig Lofthus, ACBC Certified Counselor

How do you move forward when you’ve been sinned against?  How about when you’ve sinned against another?  God’s Word is sufficient to address these all-too-common problems and reveals His plan for true absolution in the Gospel. Come and hear how vitally important it is to be applying these biblical truths to our own relationships.

Consider Your Counsel: Addressing 10 Mistakes in Our Biblical Counseling

Dr. Bob Kellemen

In our biblical counseling world, we talk a lot—appropriately so—about self-counsel and self-confrontation for growth in Christ. This session—Consider Your Counsel—applies self- counsel and self-confrontation to the counseling office. Learn common mistakes that even experienced biblical counselors sometimes make. Even more, learn how to Address 10 Mistakes in Our Biblical Counseling so we grow more competent to counsel.

Attributes of God in Counseling

Wendy Wood, ACBC Certified Counselor

This class will teach you how to help your counselees grow in their awe and reverence of God and understand how God's attributes matter in every moment of life, no matter what their circumstances might be.

Simple Diagrams for Parents and Children

Pastor Larry 

Using a few simple diagrams not only explains truth clearly for kids, but gives families common language for future discussions and application.

Differentiating between Guilt, Shame, and Regret

Kerry Heath, ACBC Certified Counselor

It is easy to confuse the experiences of guilt, shame, and regret.  Learn how the gospel speaks to each of these experiences in unique ways so that you can bring hope and comfort to counselees.


Breakout #4

Getting Involved (a foundational teaching)

Dr. Ben Marshall, Counseling Pastor, ACBC Fellow

Involvement with your counselee is a key component for a biblical counselor and it is one component that is distinguishable for other forms of counseling. This breakout session will help counselors understand the biblical foundation for getting involved in a counselee’s life, guard against over-involvement, as well as provide practical steps for fulfilling this key foundational concept.

Thinking Biblically About Addictions

Pastor Craig Lofthus,
ACBC Certified Counselor

Poor and inaccurate diagnosis will always lead to poor and inaccurate prescription. When dealing with addiction, there is a stark contrast between the world’s diagnosis and that of the Scriptures. Come and discern the difference as we place addictions under the lens of God’s all-sufficient Word and receive the hope that is found only in Jesus Christ.

The Power of the Gospel of Grace in Counseling

Dr. Joe Miller,
ACBC Certified Counselor

The grace of the Gospel is not only critical for salvation and glorification, but for our day-to-day process of sanctification.  This class will look at the various facets of the Gospel which that empower and equip us to have victory over various personal sin issues such as, fear, anxiety, depression, addiction, and various idols of the heart that we battle throughout this present life.

The Value of Simple Diagrams

Pastor Larry

When we make diagrams simple enough for a child to understand, it ends up being clear enough for everyone! Let’s look at some diagrams that help make difficult truths simple to understand.

Counseling Wives Who Have Been Abused 

Wendy Wood,
ACBC Certified Counselor

This class will show you what to consider about abuse and how to rebuild a correct view of God, His Word, marriage, and womanhood.  You will also learn how to address common sinful responses of wives and how to address them biblically and gently. This session is geared towards female counselors/disciplers.





Breakout #5

Giving Hope (A Foundational Teaching)

Dr. Joe Miller, Counseling Pastor, ACBC Certified

Providing hope for those who are struggling with suffering and sin is perhaps the most important element  a counselor can provide in the first few sessions of counseling. This session will help counselors understand the biblical precedent and practical steps, for providing hope to those who need it most. This session is designed to help answer questions on the ACBC exam related to gathering data.

Interactive Case Study

Afflictions Beyond Our Ability to Endure

Pastor Ben Marshall and Wendy Wood,
ACBC Certified Counselors

Pastor Bruce Ray

Co-Counseling can be a very rewarding experience for both the counselors and  the counselees.  This case study will provide a window into the co-counseling experience and provide some key concepts which help make co-counseling beneficial.
The strongest among us are not invincible. We are, after all, but jars of clay. Sometimes the pressure or stress we experience is so heavy that it is beyond our strength to endure. This is my field of ministry. I go to people, in their affliction, wherever death, injury, destruction, homicides or suicides have occurred. Where is God in such times, and how can you help people who despair even of life itself?

#RUHooked - Teens and Technology

Jonathan Smith

Social media is the number one activity for all internet users worldwide.  As with every aspect of our lives, there are some very clear guidelines in God’s Word that can be applied to our time online. Jonathan Smith helps us think, or think differently, about how we can use social media and technology in a responsible way.

Caring in the Crisis


Pastor Jeff Potts,
ACBC Certified Counselor

There are counseling situations which require more care for the counselee than one or two counselors can adequately provide.  Learn how to address a crisis in the immediate moments, and in planning for longer-term care.  This breakout session will provide practical suggestions as to how Small Groups can provide support and care for a group member in crisis.