Ministering Hope in Seasons of Suffering

May 5-6, 2023

Who is this conference for?

All of us, at some point, will deal with suffering and sin as part of living in this fallen world. Whether you minister to others formally in a counseling ministry, in the context of a small group, through one-on-one discipleship, or informally with family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors—this conference is for you. Come to be equipped in your own personal walk and learn what God’s Word says for all matters of life and godliness. Come to gain wisdom in order to teach and love others well!

This year, we are pleased to host Pastor Philip De Courcy as our Keynote Speaker, to discuss how to "Minister Hope in Seasons of Suffering"   Life in a fallen world will inevitably hold trials, tribulations, struggles, and temptations - all of which impact us greatly.  How we view and walk through our difficult circumstances will change our faith, our perspective, our counsel - our lives. What do we do when this life hurts?

Additionally, three featured speakers will spend time unpacking how to minister hope in specific, common counseling cases.  These sessions will harmonize with our main teaching.

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Guest Speaker

The 2023 Pacific Northwest Biblical Counseling Conference is committed to bringing  you award-winning  speakers, highlighted by Keynote Speaker, Pastor Philip De Courcy.


Featured Sessions

Each biblical counseling conference is structured a little differently.  One unique feature of this year's   Pacific Northwest Biblical Counseling Conference is a time of teaching by other accredited and featured speakers discussing topics complementary to our main sessions.



There are several accommodations within a close driving distance to Canyon Hills.